Hours: Tuesday thru Thursday, Noon till 7:00pm, Friday and Saturday, Noon till 9:00pm.

Open Monday, Labor Day noon till 6pm 

(330) 377-4962 or (330) 473-7616

Here at French Ridge Vineyards we start with our own fruit. We do not use chemically altered fruit juices shipped in from who knows where. We add the least amount of additives required to alter the fruit from its original form. Our fresh fruit is processed and finished all here on the estate.

We also take this standard of care into the vineyards. On your visit please notice all the birdhouses in the vineyards. It’s quite simple, birds eat bugs. Attract the right birds and pesticide usage is kept to a minimum. We do not claim to be organic but we eat the fruits and drink the wines too!

Scott and Kathy believe the true art and love of winemaking starts with the freshest fruit, and they are proud to say that French Ridge Vineyards is a home owned, home grown family company.